NFT Creator Application - 1stDibs: Antique and Modern Furniture, Jewelry, Fashion & Art

NFT Creator Application

Thank you for your interest in 1stDibs. We are a leading destination for rare, collectible design and a curated platform that hosts sellers by invitation only. By submitting this application, you are expressing your intent to work with 1stDibs on the NFT marketplace. Please submit the following application for consideration.

We look forward to reviewing your work!

Submitted artwork guidelines:

  • Must be original and created by you
  • Must not be tokenized available for digital purchase elsewhere on the internet
  • You consider this to be some of your best work
  • Nothing illegal or infringing

NFT Creator Form

Please submit the email you’d like us to contact you at

Please tell us about what inspires you and your work; your background, and any notable achievements. This bio may also be used to be displayed in your creator profile at a later date.

As we support original works, identity verification is an important aspect of the on-boarding process. Please temporarily add your email (the same one you provided above) to your Website / Portfolio / Social Media bio, to verify your ownership of them. List the link(s) where we can verify the placement of your email below: