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How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

Derby Days Baby! It is time to pull out the julep cups and clip sprigs of mint! Today, I am sharing HOW TO STYLE A KENTUCKY DERBY MINT JULEP BAR CART!

How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

Derby Time!

Inspired by traditional red, black, and gold derby colors, this Kentucky Derby Bar Cart is a show-stopper for a Kentucky Derby celebration.

Lastly, let’s get the party started!

How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

Details For Style The Derby Bar Cart

Gold Bar Cart

Certainly, we have to chat about This gold bar cart. It is one of the several I have in our home. In addition, it lives upstairs in our guest room as a “Guest Room Cozy Cart”. I pull it use it outside for patio parties, inside when I need an extra bar cart for easy access for more than 8 guests,

Green Faux Grass

Firstly, cut this faux grass to fit the top and bottom shelves of the bar cart. This is the base for the pretty things you will add to set the scene.

Red Roses

The timeless red rose is the official flower of the Kentucky Derby.

Why are Red Roses the Official Flower of The Kentucky Derby?

Referred to as “The Run for the Roses”, in 1883, socialite E. Berry Wall presented a bouquet of roses to the ladies at a Kentucky Derby party. Inspired by this gesture, Churchill Downs founder and president Meriwether Lewis Clark declared that roses be the official flower of the Derby. In 1896, the tradition of draping a blanket of 554 red roses to the Kentucky Derby winner was established. Another fun fact, 7,500 roses are used to decorate the track each year.

How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

Crystal Vase

This lead crystal vase was a keepsake from our Charleston wedding. Celebrating at our reception, it was one of the many crystal filled vases holding white roses, hydrangeas, tulips, and greenery all adorning the tables in the Charleston Place Hotel ballroom.

You can sometimes find great deals on lead crystal vases at Home Goods and/or ebay. This is a pretty choice. A silver winner’s trophy would also be a fun way to display red roses on this Kentucky Derby bar cart.

Small Footed Crystal Bowl

Use a crystal dish for fresh mint sprigs. You can easily find them by googling “small footed crystal bowl”. There are many to choose from and can be used for many things.

Crystal Pitcher filled with Mint Simple Syrup

Fill beautiful crystal pitcher with mint simple syrup.

Simple Syrup Recipe

Of course, you will need the recipe for the simple syrup. Firstly, mix equal parts of white sugar and and boiling water to a bowl with mint leaves. Secondly, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Lastly, pour the mint flavored simple syrup in the pretty crystal pitcher.

Mint Julep Cups

Oh my heart! Above all, do I ever fancy a silver mint julep cup filled with a refreshing Mint Julep. Everything about it is fun. These are a must for a Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart.

History of The Mint Julep Cup

“The first prototypes were made during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidency, while the initial cups produced for retail were sold during Harry Truman’s administration. Over the years, each new President of the United States has been sent a cup – hand engraved on the side with the Presidential Seal” …

Read More

Large Crystal Champagne Ice Bucket

This is a pretty choice.

Bourbon Selections

The smooth Woodford Reserve is the signature Bourbon used at the Kentucky Derby. It has a strong flavor profile with caramel notes. In other words, I recommend adding a few choices to your cart.

Black and White Diamond Ribbon

Tie a long tailed black and white diamond bow to the corner of the bar cart to pull in winner circle vibes.

Large Horses

The large horses can be found on Amazon and craft stores.

Small Gold Horses

Paint these toy horses with gold spray paint. As a result, this small charming touch will make a great point of interest to the setting.

In conclusion, mix up a mint julep, step back and admire your masterpiece!


How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart
How To Style A Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar Cart

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