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How to Make Fabric Gift Twine

Learn how to turn scrap fabric into colorful spools of twine that will brighten any gift or goodie. Scroll on down for my How To Make Fabric Gift Twine Tutorial.

How to Make Fabric Gift Twine

How to Make Fabric Gift Twine

My husband and I were married in Charleston, SC. We enjoyed a wonderful reception and stay at lovely The Charleston Place Hotel, located just at the end of the famous Charleston City Market in the heart of downtown. The market is also famous for beautiful handmade sweetgrass baskets. Watching ladies sit and make them onsite, I became interested in this art and stumbled onto a video twisting tree bark into rope. Today I am sharing how I use the same method using fabric scraps.

How to Make Fabric Gift Twine

  • KID FRIENDLY – This is a super fun fabric twine and easy project to do with your kids.
  • FRIEND FRIENDLY – This is a great craft to do while sitting around with wine and a movie or series.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY – Upcycling fabric and ribbon scraps of course lessons waste.
Gift Bag Twine
How to Make Fabric Gift Twine

Ways To Use Fabric Gift Twine

Fabric Gift Twine For Sharing

Tie on:

  • Valentine’s Day Candy Bags and Boxes
  • Galentine’s Day Candy bags and Boxes
  • Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Bridal Shower Gifts
  • Baby Shower Gifts and Diaper Cakes
  • Hostess Gift Bags + Boxes
  • Take-Away Party Bags
  • Canning Jars for Sharing
  • Thanksgiving leftovers for guests to take home.
Fabric Twine Ideas

Fabric Gift Twine For Crafting

  • Line Coat Hangers
  • Wrap A Flower Pot
  • Wrap A Broom Handle
  • Bowls
  • Baskets
  • Coiled Chargers
  • Coiled Rug
  • Wrap A Lampshade

I would love to see how what you do. Please comment or tag me @_Sparklingcharm and #sparklingcharmeverything or #mysparklespin

Gift Wrapped in Fabric Twine

How to Make Fabric Gift Twine


  • 1 inch fabric strips
  • scissors
  • spools (optional) 1 | 2 | 3

Note: If you don’t have scrap fabric for your twine, purchase quilt fat quarters in a your favorite colors and cut into 1 inch strips. You can find them at craft and fabric stores.

Fat quarter for fabric twine.

Tools you’ll need

Fabric Gift Twine
Fabric Spools
Fabric Gift Twine
Fabric Gift Twine


Start Fabric Gift Twine

Tie 2 strips of fabric together using a double knot. PULL IT TIGHT!

The Twine Twist

Hold the tied strips with one hand tightly between the thumb and the forefinger over the tied knot.

Use the other hand pick up the top fabric strand. Wrap the strip of fabric away from you around your middle or forefinger two times.

Grip the twist tightly.

Pull the twisted fabric toward you and pull down.

Move the thumb and forefinger away from knot to hold the twist. Bring the bottom piece of fabric to the top. Repeat the process until one or both of the fabric twist strip/s only has two inches left.

Note: The tighter you twist the stronger the twine will be. I like using different amounts of pressure on the twist to create more character in the twine.

Joining Strands

When one or both of the fabric strips has only two inches of untwisted fabric left, fold in a new piece/s and continue twisting. Repeat to desired length. When you are finished, simply tie a loose knot at the end.

Option: If you want a more rustic look; tie on the pieces versus folding them in. This adds little knot tails along the twine.

Tidy Up

Snip any unwanted freys and tidy up the knot-tails if you tied on.


When you reach the desired length, tie the two ends together and clip off the ends.

How to Make Fabric Gift Twine
How to Make Fabric Gift Twine
Fabric Twine Ideas

How To Store Fabric Gift Twine

  1. Wrap your twine around large spools and use them for decor on a bookshelf or kitchen window.
  2. Roll the twine into a ball and lay it in a bowl in your kitchen. I keep a small ball in my fruit bowl. It adds a little color and is handy for sharing goodies.
Fabric Rope
How to Make Fabric Gift Twine


How to Make Fabric Gift Twine

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