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Up Cycle! Pretty Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders

Up Cycle! Pretty Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders

Up Cycle! Pretty Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders

Happy Earth Day Everyone! It is time to show your love for the BEAUTIFUL PLANET we live on and turn something that is not biodegradable into something LOVELY AND RE-USABLE!

Recently I took a wonderful day trip to Vashon Island in the heart of the Puget Sound with two photographers and a travel writer who are dear friends. The day was planned for us by the Vashon Chamber of Commerce. At one of the many fun stops, we visited a neat little shop called Giraffe. We were greeted by Pricilla (the owner) with a cup of hot tea and taken on a tour around the shop. She hand selects unique items from all around the world to include interesting spices. What caught my heart were beautiful hand-crafted boxes made from recycled plastic bottles. Of course I purchased one to gift.

Today I am re-creating this lovely piece for Earth Day!

Give these a try! Be sure to share your SPARKLE SPIN on instagram at #SparklingCharmCrafts or add a photo to the comments.

Sparkle! Sparkle! XX gwyn

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Up Cycle! Pretty Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders


plastic bottles, washed, dried, labels and glue removed
Note: Coke bottles work best. 
colorful tissue paper
1/2 cup white glue mixed with 1 tablespoon water
craft knife
paint brushes


1. Using a permanent marker, draw a straight line directly around the bottles center.

Up Cycle! Pretty Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders

2. Cut along the line you drew with a craft knife.

3. Two inches from the cut, draw another line directly around the bottle.

4. For the flaps, draw five half ovals around the bottle as seen in the photo below. Be sure to touch the marker to the line just drawn. The curve the oval should touch the cut edge.

Up Cycle! Pretty Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders

5. Carefully cut along the five half oval just drawn.

6. Clean off any permanent marker with cotton balls and nail polish remover.

7. Using a sponge brush, paint the white glue mixture to small areas at a time covering each area with colorful tissue as you go then moving on. Note: Be careful not to cover the cut area with paper. It is okay to go over the edges. When the glue dries you can trim it. Let the glue and tissue dry completely.

8. Trim any stray tissue.

9. Coat again with the white glue mixture and dry completely.

10. Fill the center with pretty flowers or pens and pencils.


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